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Research and innovation are at the heart of Halton’s operating idea. We bring solutions to indoor spaces where people’s wellbeing and safety depend on us. Premises where the extra mile run provides tangible value.

Halton has been granted more than 130 individual patents over time. They are based on attentive listening, careful research, and close cooperation with our customers and partners.

Our technologies and customer solutions are developed and validated in our R&D centers, the Halton Innovation Hubs. Today, we operate 10 hubs in 8 countries on 3 continents:

Kausala, Lahti (Finland), Béthune, Crépy (France), Reit im Winkl (Germany), Rochester (UK), Subang Jaya (Malaysia), Shanghai (China), Mississauga (Canada) and Scottsville (USA).

Read more about our Innovation Hubs